Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Musings before class

I'm about to leave for Medical terminology.  I will have Day 2 posted later just wanted to get this out now.

Haven't heard about the job yet.  Tomorrow makes a week since the interview, is this a bad sign? I've had the same job for almost ten years now so I have no idea if this is how things go these days.

Today is also the deadline for applying to my first choice nursing program.  I've had all my info in for months now, but this means they will start sending out the information packets in the next few weeks! Excitement!

Anyway, off to class.


  1. I'm excited for ya, doll. :)
    And you have had the same job for 10 years? How is that even possible? lol. Besides, I got the impression you were in your early 20s.

  2. I am. 24 to be precise. But this was a job I started my freshman year of high school as part of a club that evolved into a job after I graduated. It was supposed to become a full time position but budget cuts with the recession took care of that. Now it's more of a job of convenience until I can get a CNA job.