Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 8 - Most satisfied day.

A day I felt most satisfied with my life...I would have to say it was actually last night.  It's kind of like this.  I've been working the same job for the past 10 years.  Last night was the first transition moment I've felt about finally retiring from my career as a videographer, and finally starting the next stage of my life going into nursing.  Last night was the final home game of my career.  Monday starts the playoffs, but there will be no more games on the home court.  It felt kind of strange, but also rather satisfying.  I mean this change has been a long time coming.  I was hesitant last year about returning, because the money isn't all that great, but it takes up so much of my time to do.  I'm finally glad to be going through this transition from job to career, and once I can finally start, things will be incredibly challenging, yet awesome.

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