Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day...something: 30 interesting facts.

1. I'm a complete and total geek.  Star Trek, sci-fi, video games. The works.
2. Yet at the same time, I have a real soft spot in my heart for the game of basketball, and wish I could have played past HS.
3. Going with number 2, I'm one of the only people I know who at 5'7" can layup on a guy over 6 foot.
4.  My personal relationships and friendships usually find their ways into my hobbies.
5.  I am a coffee addict. But it is ok, it helps me function.
6.  I haven't had a can of soda in well over a year now, and I'm feeling great about it!
7.  I cannot eat red meat.  My body doesn't process it well.
8.  The previous fact makes me very sad, as I love me some BBQ ribs.
9.  I can't have most pets.  I'm allergic to dogs and cats.  Which apparently to some people makes me a monster.
10.  I would love to own a small box turtle someday.  I think turtles are adorable
11.  I may come off as sarcastic at times, but I'm an actual nice guy.
12.  I've never really rooted for a sports team located in the city I'm currently living in.
13.  I enjoy spending money far too much for my own good.
14.  I've been trying to move out of my parent's place for the past 2 years, hoping 2011 is the year I am able to do so.
15.  I flunked out of college on my first try.
16.  Despite what some people may think, I am in fact straight.
17.  I was once dumped for not joining a girl at morning mass.
18.  I really really like chocolate.
19.  When I was a child, I wanted nothing more than to be a paleontologist, so I could spend my time digging up dinosaurs.
20.  I have zero piercings and zero tattoos.
21.  I do not drink alcohol.
22.  I waited to get my driver's license until I was nearly 18.
23.  I'm kind of a square in many ways.
24.  I can grow a beard in less than a week.
25.  I'm really ready to start nursing school.
26.  I am an extremely fast reader.  In high school I read the entire lord of the rings trilogy in a week.
27.  I've got a rather high IQ.
28.  I can speak 4 languages conversationally.
29.  I was picked on far too much than is appropriate in grade school, and was emotionally scarred for quite a while.
30.  One time, I pretended to be choking, so someone would come up to do the heimlich, then I spun around really quickly, just to get a hug.

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  1. A. Turtle are adorable and I have always wanted a red-eared slider...mostly because I want to be able to design a huge semi-aquatic terrarium.
    B. If some chick dumped you over church, you probably dodged a bullet there.
    C. What other languages? I know already know you speak French. :-)