Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 11 iPod on shuffle

1. Another way to die, Alicia keys and jack white
2. Falling by the wayside by people in planes
3. Chapter one, language iv of my na Kama Japanese textbook
4. That new car smell, Michael giacchino
5. Kicking the heart out, bu rogue wave
6. Raise your rifles, autopilot off
7. Consolation Prizes, by Phoenix
8. Superman, five for fighting
9. Right before your eyes, hoobastank
10. Hey Leonardo, blessid union of souls


  1. Another Way to Die = ♥

    And the fact that an audio from a Japanese language textbook came into rotation is maybe making me start to possibly develop just the tiniest crush on you. ;)

  2. Just a tiny one? Ok then. ;-)

  3. yes. Just the tiniest of crushes. :) lol