Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day One

I've never been exactly good at talking about myself.  Years of constantly being picked on and bullied and even tortured past the point any sane person would have just given up caused me to start putting up walls around myself, and never really letting anyone actually close enough to make a solid connection beyond friendship, and the occasional serious relationship.  Especially in my grade school and high school years, I grew socially, and psychologically in the opposite of what one is supposed to.  Where children learn intimacy, I learned isolation.  Now this is not intended to blame anyone, as I'm far past the point where I really hold specific people responsible, but it occurred to me that perhaps I should start 'tearing down the wall' while I work on a career, because it is starting to appear that I have become an extremely lonely person.  So join me, as I start to open up, and actually discuss things that I want to share.  That is what a blog is for, after all.


  1. I will be here by the side of the road. Let me know if I can do more.

  2. Of course. I welcome it, and any comments you may have.