Saturday, August 21, 2010


One of the things I positively hate, despise, loathe, is abuse.  For this, I have a little story, with names changed to protect anonymity.

When I was going to Purdue, I had a friend named Sally(not her real name!).  She was, in many ways, not exactly the most primrose person when it came to men.  But during my tenure there, we became rather close friends.  Around the time of my last year there, she admitted having a fling while she was on vacation visiting family.  A few weeks later, she discovered that she was pregnant.  During this time, I was involved in my own relationship, and after discovering that she was pregnant, the father began placing increasing demands on her, to start cutting men out of her life.  It got so bad that he wouldn't permit her to spend time around me anymore, unless it was a double date with him present.  She then proceeded to change my name in her phone to "Jenny" so as to allay suspicion that her and I were still friends.  I, however, withdrew from school at that point, so we didn't see much of each other after then.

Cut to a few months later.  Out of the blue, she calls me up.  Apparently Luigi and her had a fight, which culminated in him throwing a sharp object at her (a set of keys) and slicing open a small cut on her stomach.  She then asked if she could stay the night, and I agreed.  I will point out at this time, that on that night, I slept on the couch.  Her and I were never more than just friends.

So she began an apartment search.  And dropped off the radar a while.  Until one night, while I'm at work, she calls me again.  Luigi had convinced her to give him another try, despite all my attempts to dissuade her, she moved back in with him.  Here's the first gem.  At the end of the call, when she stated that "We can't be friends anymore" and I began to hang up, I heard him say "And if you ever come between us again I will---------------" and the line went dead.

Cut to a month later.  While I don't know the details, my understanding is he began abusing her again, and she must have said something in regards to how I took care of her when he refused, because he text messaged me "If you ever come near my family again, you will incur my wrath - Signed, Luigi"

That was the last I'd ever heard from either of them.  This was over a year ago now.

Cut to last night.  I'm talking to a friend, different story.  She had had a long day, coupled with ex troubles, and her current boyfriend wanted her to stay the night.  She said no, went home, and we were playing Starcraft II, when he started verbally attacking her, and saying things such as "I WANT YOU.  I DON'T WANT YOUR MALE FRIENDS, JUST YOU.  No more texting Zack, no more talking to Johnny, just you"

Well, son of a bitch.  I'm trying to convince her now, that maybe this isn't the best relationship to be in, but I fear it will once again fall on deaf ears.  I hate situations like this.  They really, truly, deeply Piss. Me. Off.

Until next time, worldly readers, feel free to comment. 

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  1. This is a difficult thing to watch. A lot of young men simply don't have platonic relationships with women and don't think such a thing can exist. That's why they want to shut you out of their girlfriends' lives. Painful as it is for you, the only thing you can do is let the women make their mistakes and hopefully someday learn from them.